Task 4 Essay

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Task 4
MARKETING PLAN (linking to learning outcome 1.4)
I will market my business as ‘Little Shrimps Childcare’ and have already purchased an internet domain in order that I can develop a website to advertise my services.
I also intend to advertise through the Family Information Service at Solihull Council and through the website www.childcare.co.uk
My website will talk about the service I offer as a childminder as well as additional services, such as an ad hoc babysitting service, occasional evening and weekend care, bank holiday service etc. It will also give the viewer an insight into my own family life, my qualifications and working background.
I have enclosed a draft copy of my intended web pages. Please note that the children featured are my own children only.
As well as the website, I intend to have business cards printed and leaflets, advertising my service. These are yet to be designed.

FINANCIAL PLANNING (linking to learning outcome 1.5)
Pre Registration training and First Aid
Ofsted Registration Fee
£ 35.00
Health Check
£ 20.00
First Aid Kit
£ 12.36 from www.firstaid4less.co.uk (£8.58 for refills)
Public Liability Insurance/professional membership
£ 96.29 (PACEY)
Car Insurance

£ 80.00
Marketing Materials
£ 50.00
Health and Safety Equipment
Nil. Equipment in place already or to be donated.

Monthly Outgoings

Council Tax
Water Rates
£ 60.18
Gas & Electricity
Telephone, TiVo, Internet
£ 63.10
Building and Contents Insurance
£ 38.31
Life and Critical Illness Cover
£ 71.87
£ 300.00
Vehicle Insurance
£ 30.00
Vehicle Lease (Including Vehicle Tax)
£ 256.97
TV Licence
£ 12.12
Credit/Loan Repayments
£ 387.64
Mobile Telephone
£ 92.50
Other expenditure
£ 200.00
Total Monthly Expenditure

Monthly Income

Spouse Income
Child Benefit
£ 190.40
Total Income
Income required