Teacher and Education Essay

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After reading about the US values I decided to pick 5 out of the 15 I believe impact my life greatly. These 5 are “Achievement and Success”, “Activity and work”, “Freedom”, “Equality” and “Education”. After re-reading these and thinking about them over and over again I put it into my own words on what they mean. First one Achievement and Success, in my words means everyone can achieve in what they believe in, they just have to push themselves to their limits. Second one Activity and work, everyone is able to try hard and succeed, and they should not expect to be given free items or opportunities. Third Freedom, everyone in this country has their freedom to do anything they wish to do. Some use it in a different way than others. I believe we have the freedom to pursue our goals and dreams. Fourth Equality, Everyone in this country has an equal opportunity to do what they want to. Last but not least Education, education is the one thing that will for sure take you far in life. Everyone has an equally opportunity for education, but most don’t use it effectively. Higher your education higher your degree which gives you a better chance at a good job. Which leads to higher success.
The reason I choose these values is because these are mostly the same values I was taught as a child. My parents always wanted the best for me in my future so they decided to teach me what they had believed will help me succeed in life. Out of all of them I value Education the most. Without education