Essay on Education and Teacher Tenure

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Many of our teachers in the United States receive tenure. The amount of experience a teacher must first gain before receiving tenure varies from state to state, but I honestly think tenure should not exist at all. The baseless guaranteeing of a position so critical to the futures of many children and teens is simply inappropriate. In today’s society, far too many privileges are extended as rights. Teachers do not deserve to have their position guaranteed, taking away the competitive pressure that fuels performance. The value of a student’s education is heavily dependent upon the quality of their teachers, the school’s administration deserves the freedom to hire individual best suited for the job. I’ve been fortunate enough to have many quality teachers who have furthered my education; however, I’ve had a few very poor teachers who have simply wasted my time. One particular teacher allowed his personal biases to influence the way in which he graded. Another history teacher filled lessons lessons about Western Civilization with useless and irrelevant stories. So many young and vibrant graduates are desperate to begin a teaching career, but tenured “professionals” block them. If administrators are given the flexibility to hire and fire at will, they will be able to draw upon the talent pool that is currently being shut out by lazy individuals. Eliminating teacher tenure would also increase the level at which administration applies itself within the school. If administration has no powers to fire a teacher, why would they bother to inspect the way in which a teacher instructs students?