Manni Techniques And Techniques

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Part 1 – Viewing
Techniques and Effects

Technique 1: Low-angle shot
Effect: The use of the low angle shot makes the audience feel small, powerless and submissive to the clock. The clock symbolises time, so the viewer feels as if time has power, control and is always overshadowing them, as is Tykwer wants the viewer to feel like Lola.

Technique 2: Filter (low quality film)
Effect: The composer wanted “emphasis that it is coincidental Lola’s story is being told” (Tom Tykwer) so therefor the little sub-stories involving the minor characters are filmed on video instead of 35mm film to show the audience that their story is of unimportance

Technique 3: Medium/Mid Shot or Long shot??
Effect: The use of this shot is to show the detail of the glass shattering from the ambulance crashing into it, this is to get the full effect of slapstick comedy, the use of slapstick comedy is to have a brief change in mood/setting in the film and provide comic relief for the viewer.

Technique 4: Close-Up
Effect: To show that Manni is in real distress about losing the money and that he is about to die within 20 minutes. This makes the audience feel for Manni as they can see in detail his emotions and what he is going through.

Technique 5: Symbolism
Effect: The gun reinforces Tykwer’s game theme as this item shows the audience that someone is “playing” or “controlling” Lola, as in her first run, Lola or the player had no idea how to use a gun, with Manni having to tell her how to flick the safety switch off and while doing so almost killed the elderly security officer. When she steals the gun off the bank security guard, lola or the player know exactly how to use the gun this time, learning from their previous run and failing.

Technique 6: Third Person