Technology And Health Care Research Paper

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Technology and Health Care
Linda Adkins
August 26, 2012
Instructor: Rochelle Robinson-Levant

Electronic Medical Records As a member of ABC Consultants, Northwestern Human Services (NHS) based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has hired me to find technology that will help the company financially and also give their clients the best care possible. Northwestern Human Services cares for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental health patients, and autistic individuals. NHS.(n. d.) ”NHS provides innovative solutions to support the unique needs of the individuals we serve by striving to create a caring and responsive environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and
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The study of EMR’s has shown that the implementation of the system can help with costs. The study also shows Health Affairs( 2005 )“That effective EMR implementation and networking could eventually save more than $81 billion annually and —by improving health care efficiency and safety” ( p. 1). Open clinic.(n. d)”Incontrovertible evidence has increasingly shown that current systems are not delivering sufficiently safe, high quality, efficient and cost effective health care (see Public Reports section on Open Clinical), and that computerization with the EMR at the center, is effectively the only way forward” (p. 1). EMR”s has influenced the health care profession and its patients and permits them to work jointly in a timely manner. Patients can give important information to professionals in a timely manner and that information can be stored and distributed with others involved in the patients care. The patient will also have no need to divulge that information a second time. Healthcare professionals can get rid of the old record keeping practices and organize an effective level of care and at the same time establish their reputation in advanced technology, Using EMR’s has helped communication all through health care. Care moves along at a faster and more effective manner and as a bonus, the patient is involved with his own care. EMR’s allow professionals to have time to get to know their