Technology Implementation Essay

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Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation
There are so many new technologies being introduced into companies and how they are helping companies become more successful. Managers and employees have to get used to change but it hard because people like things they way they are. Change is something that everyone has to go through one day in their lives. We all know that change can be either good or bad but whatever it is we will have to accept it. In this research paper, I am going to briefly explain how a new technology should be implemented or introduced to a company. I am going to explain this by using John Kotter’s eight step change model. John Kotter was a Harvard’s business school professor and also a world-renowned change expert. In 1995, John Kotter came out with a book called “Leading Change”. In this book he discussed his eight steps for leading change. Many people believe that this theory is very successful and will help any company get used to change. From the brief overview I read, I believe this theory can be used daily in our lives and not with just work. If I was a manager of a company this is how I would implement change using Kotter’s theory. The first step need to be used to implement change is to create a sense of urgency. In order for a company to accept a new technology, there has to be a need for it. If I was a manager of a company, I would have a broad room meeting with my employees and explain to them this new technology that is being brought into our company and how it will bring a positive change to our company. I will also discuss the strengths and weakness of this technology also. I would also ask for any suggestions or concerns about this new technology to make sure I have my employees involve with this new change. For my technical staff, they will have to attend workshop while my nontechnical staff will have a choose to attend these workshops. There will also be workshops that everyone must also attend which will affect everyone job. John Kotter also suggests that for change to be successful, 75 percent of a company's management needs to "buy into" the change. In other words, you have to work really hard on creating a sense of urgency, and spend significant time and energy building urgency, before moving onto the next steps. This step is very important and because this is the fragile step because you do not want to act without proper preparation because it make the process of change very rough. The second step is to form a powerful coalition. A powerful coalition is a group of people coming to together to perform a task which is to work for a successful company. As a manager, I would need to get all my strong employees together and give them roles to conduct the proper skills in order for this new technology implemented into my company to be a success. I will also have support teams in each department which help train each employee and there will also be morning meeting with support teams. We will promote an emotional commitment to our company and have workshops to help employees that are weak in certain areas. If I implemented these ideas into my support teams, I will have a powerful coalition. In order for this to happen we will need to look at values that are central to change. We also need to create a mission statement which will express how we feel about the company and how we see ourselves in the future. In my powerful coalition, I will also make sure that they know the mission statement of our company with this new technology involved. We also create a strategy that will help make our vision come alive and make our company more profitable. The fourth step is to create to communicate our vision for the new technology. As a manager, I will talk about my new technology and show all the positive aspects of it. This new technology will be talked about frequently and I will embed it in everything I do with the company. This technology will help our company daily