Technology Leading to Social Isolation Essay

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Technology Leading to Social Isolation
Technology Leading to Social Isolation Imagine walking down the street, listening to your iPod, texting on your cellphone or reading books on your tablet. Do you actually look up long enough to notice other people around you? In most situations no, you are oblivious to what other people are doing around you because you are so involved in your social media connections. When you are at home, work or school how often do you get involved with your social media? Take a minute to really think about how much time you spend on your phone, laptop, tablet, iPod, or any other piece of technology. How much time do you spend alone because of it? Although technological innovations have helped us grow as a
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“There have been more than 140 different studies that involved more than 300,000 different people who showed the signs of how social isolation is not only an emotional issue, that it also affects the physical and mental health of those people. Along with this, there has been a recent study that shows more than 28% of the households in America are people that live by themselves.” (Cook, 2013)
Figure 1: The House of Social Isolation Figure 1: The above chart shows the different levels of social isolation and what some of the most common deciding factors of what causes social isolation. Starting from childhood experiences and evolving into young adults who can’t communicate or interact well with others.
The best way to solve the problems of how technology has made everything so easily convenient and connected is to set up scheduled times to go out and explore the meaningful relationships and to use your own downtime to interact with your social media. Doing this will keep you healthy in all aspects and will maintain your meaningful relationships. Now, to successfully achieve this, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and balancing physical relationships instead of focusing on all the social media relationships that have been established. Another goal that would help