Essay about Technology: Mobile Phone and People

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Technology is infecting the Human Mind

Technology is infecting the human mind. Technology is grabbing time and attention affecting the way people live out every day interactions in the personal and the professional world. Technology is taking over the world and beyond. As each new piece of technology is purchased there is a newer version right behind it. Technology has branded its way into everyday lives. Business and personal technology surrounds people around every corner. Cell phones are just a tiny aspect of the technology world. One would believe that the world revolves around cell phones and this new technology. Tablets are making a very popular splash and becoming the new desktop. To think that technology runs almost everything in life. Most people pay no attention to how much technology controls lives. “A staggering 79 percent of people are using online somewhere in there life. It is no longer just teens and the millennial generation who are communicating online. The latest studies show that females over 50 are the fastest growing crowd to exchange information via the web.” (Jenny Jedekin 2011) The web is reuniting a group of people where otherwise in the past would never be able to find each other from childhood friends, colleges and even ancestry. Now people can track the origin where family derived from and who are their relatives. This information could have taken years if not decades or even impossible to find this information and now due to the internet people can do all of this plus so much more at the speed of light. In the business world cell phones and tablets have taken over. Mobile devices have saved money and time; companies can now grow worldwide and never leave the office or home. Projects, letters, and faxes have been replaced by the internet and technology. Instead of delivering these items across the globe people can send them within a few seconds with the Internet. This gives everyone the opportunity to give instant feedback or acknowledgement to any message or project. In the business and personal world new technology has changed almost everything. At home families are over taken by the new computers or televisions, especially the mobile technology. The idea of anyone stuck in a designated area that could not be left to get your work done or communicate is in the past. Today people can travel the world, work, or just socialize anywhere anytime with mobile technology and the internet. Technology is around every corner. Take a look around at other’s homes and count how much of today’s technology is around them and how this new technology effects their lives. It is a surprise how much people count on technology to live their everyday lives. How much technology is in homes today? “Nielson Company in January 2009 did a survey that 54% of homes have 2.86 or three televisions in each home.” Can humans only imagine were it is today in 2012. That stat was just televisions; Home computers and mobile products have taken over homes and lives. Home computers or desktops have become almost extinct due the impact of all the new mobile technology. Tablets and cell phones even televisions can do almost everything home computer could do more with easy and convenience of mobility to take them almost anywhere. “Is technology taking over our lives? Or do some people just make choices with regard to choosing technology over interacting with their family and friends?”(John M. Grohol PSYD) What is it about this new technology that attracts and pleasures human minds? Is it the convenience and ease these machines give people? Technology controls a big part of the every individual’s life functions on a daily basis. Understanding how to survive today’s life without all the new technology and take humans back to their routes. A person loses there cell phone today and it feels like they are immobilized not knowing how to function. How