Essay on Technology: Nuclear Weapon and Young People

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“Is Technology damaging young people’s Lives?” Pornography, money laundering, online casinos and fraud, all of these are common activities on the internet nowadays and is this really what a government funded, military fuelled; warfare inspired invention was designed for? The Arconet, as it was called when a government project was designed as a weapon in the Cold War over fifty years ago, but in the last twenty years has caused many times more damage than it ever did.
Childhood obesity is at an all-time high despite the wide spread of activities available to young children. Maybe this is because none of them can even make it out the door without an interaction with their computer, Television or mobile phone. “15% of 6-19 year olds are obese”, Most of these obese children are unable to play sport because they cannot leave their computer as they are hooked or addicted to video game. “91% of children play video games” (That was from 2010 so imagine it now with even more games consoles on the market.) There is nothing wrong with a relaxing hour or maybe even two but children under nine are spending many hours a day on these machines as if they were life support machines in a hospital – ridiculous. In my experience at school, boys who were fat and didn’t play sport were always the ones who were sat in there room on their computer supplying various lies to their teachers about lost work or missed sports practices. Can technology the work of the most intelligent really be leading to the creation of the least intelligent? In the twenty years of the World Wide Web the average IQ of developed countries has dropped by 6% contrary to the rising pattern of the last few decades. A six percent decrease in average intelligence could be argued to be minor, but this drop will be linked to the average salary. So the next generation of child are expected to have an even larger drop in IQ, and so the average salary is expected to decrease and more and more unemployed people turning to the government for funding. The availability of television to children is baffling. “96.7% of homes have a television” Almost all children have free access to a television and many other electronic devices and so when a child comes home from school he will go straight to the television where his mind switches of and everything he learnt in school is soon lost from his short term memory and never makes it to his long term memory. So for a modern child to learn even basic maths takes up to twice as long. Technology can broaden our horizons and open us to the troubles of the world and not just ourselves. “in 2011 £11.6 billion was given to charity via a technological device, US Gov” Technology is giving people the opportunity to learn about others less fortunate than us but also gives them the ability to do something about it and donate to charity. “2012 the UK raised £58 million for water aid so African people can have clean water” Young people watch, read and hear about big charity events whilst they grow up via technology and it’s become a socially correct rather than a moral decision to donate money to charity. This view of other societies via the internet or other devices can hold a mirror up to our own helping us to improve and develop into greater beings. “Contemplate a splinter in another man’s eye