Technology Solutions For Human Services

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Technology Solutions for Human Services
May 4, 2013
Joyce Henderson
University of Phoenix

Technology Services for Human Resources The world today has many networks for all parts of life some can be helpful in human resources. As human resource organizations grow the need to get help for those in need grows. The need for money to supply this help becomes scarce this makes things hard on organizations who offer help. They can no longer provide certain services and in some cases deny those that do not fit a criteria set by the organization. This criteria is set because the funding to help shrinks or is cut down / off. As families are reaching out in a time of need they are unable to receive what they should and are often turned down. Funding once was easy to obtain for the few organizations at the time. But as more is understood and found out about families organizations fill the voids the families crave for to receive the much needed assistance for the situation. Each organization helps a different need for instance: shelter, food, clothing, medical, counseling, and support. These may be needed for all types of situations such as homeless, hunger, injury, mental health, or abuse / neglect. Unfortunately these all cost money that can only be provided through funding of the state, federal, and fundraising. Each type of organization has to have a plan of action where is the money going, what type of population is it helping, how much money they will need and facts why this organization should receive the money. This plan of action will help show in detail why this is important and could be the deciding factor to the lender as it may be. An advocate then would be representing the organization in order to better facilitate the questions with answers and manage the process. This person will speak for the organization and in some ways the population. Once the advocate makes a presentation with full information on the process and spreadsheets to show where the organization works best. This can show the progress of the organization the numbers of the population helped, and where the organization can now change to the benefit of others if at all. Keeping in mind the information not only needs to be the facts representing the organization but also show evidence that the money already received prior to date has been used solely on the population and running the organization. After the organization has a solid set of data to represent the plan of action it is time to request funding. This can be in many ways some ask for donations through networking and more. This would be a link a person may access in order to donate an amount of money whether it is another company or a personal donation. The site has to be set in a user friendly way this will make it easy for any type of person to navigate. Another form of funding is an advocate going in front of congress requesting funding for the program. This is where most of the data collected will make the difference. The boundaries faced by many organizations is the lack of funding. Receiving that no from anywhere brings the money down. This much needed money from federal funds and state are scarce most times and fighting for the money becomes something of a problem for most. Lack of funding then brings down the ability to provide for others. Many organizations are fighting for the same funding which now becomes not just a fight of congress but a fight or race to become the first ones to request. This makes what few funds are out there even more difficult to obtain. The goal now unlike before is there are few say about 20 different funds to receive and say 35-40 organizations requesting the funding for their population. If you are there first but don’t have all the information needed to show a clear picture this can become another problem. You will now be overlooked for another more