Technology: Sport and Professional Photographers Essay

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Kassidy Duckett
English 101-019
Paula Boyd
14 November 2014
The world of technology is constantly changing. Everyday engineers come up with an idea for something bigger, better, and faster. Technology has changed the world of sports forever. From instant replay, to the new design of helmets to insure the safety of players, technology in the world of sports is constantly changing and updating. New technology has changed the world of sports in many ways, but some of the biggest effects have been unplanned side effects of the innovations. In history, before the television was invented, if you were not able to attend a sporting event and it was not broadcasted on the radio, you had to wait until the next day to read the box scores in the paper to see who won the games. Even when the television was invented, if you did not get the channel that the game was on, you could not watch it. Nowadays, even if you cannot watch the game, you can DVR it or pull up Siri and instantly have her read you all the scores of the days NFL games. While this type of technology has definitely made sports more accessible to the country, it also has some downfalls that people tend to over look. For example, newspapers will shortly be out of the print business if they are not already because no one needs to actually get a copy of a paper because everything they need to know is accessible through a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. There is no demand for newspapers, so while being able to have access to everything at your fingertips is convenient, it is potentially closing businesses.
With todays technology you can literally watch anything, anytime you want, even on the go via a smartphone or tablet. It is very convenient for sports lovers because they never have to miss a minute of action. But this can become a problem because people can get so addicted and watch while they are driving causing more crashes. People may be tempted to watch while they are driving because they do not want to miss their favorite teams game but obviously that is a very dangerous thing to do. Also it can take away from spending time with loved ones. For example, my dad always has his phone out watching football on Sundays when we are having family dinner. He misses out on conversations and time spent with his family. People miss out on face-to-face conversations because they are so consumed in their technology.
While at sporting events, everyone all over the place is snapping pictures. Everyone wants to get that perfect