Technology in Wwii Essay

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The technology of World War II, which lasted from 1939 to 1945, was a big part of the determination of the outcome of the war. Much of the technology was developed during the interwar years. Some of it was developed because of failure and hindrance in war progression, obviously because of inefficient technology. Still some was in the beginning stages of development as the war ended. Though earlier war greatly utilized science, mathematics, and innovation, World War II had the largest impact on the innovation in technology of the current lives of Americans. Furthermore, no war, preceeding or succeeding, was as profoundly affected by science, mathematics, and technology as World War II. Science and technology have always made …show more content…
In World War I, America and the allies had 32 dreadnaughts, 11 battle-cruisers, 54 pre-dreadnaughts, 420 torpedo boats and destroyers, and 179 submarines—which was significantly more than the Axis Powers’ 17 dreadnaughts, 6 battle-cruisers, 45 pre-dreadnaughts, 178 torpedo boats and destroyers, and 44 submarines. These numbers would grow exponentially by World War II.[xiii]

Japanese technology, however, when attacking China in 1937, showed that Japanese torpedoes completely outranged British and American torpedoes. By 1940, the Allies had built conventional ships and aircraft sufficient enough to beat blockades, and, virtually designed and developed from scratch, an armada of specialized landing aircraft, eventually to carry men and equipment on to hostile beaches as the first stage of invasions. This would essentially bring about the fall of Germany, and then finally, Italy.[xiv]

The Japanese and the Germans were skilled in infrared technology and communication, but the Americans were more advanced in these technologies and broke many of their codes. The Allies were actually considered the most advanced in the technologies in radar and communication, even though Japan continued to cause a shift in power to the East during the attack on Pearl Harbor due to technique, despite a lack of technological preparedness.[xv]

When the Americans came to war, succeeding the attack