Ww2 Causes

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WWII was one of the bloodiest, most gruesome wars in the history of mankind. The battles in these wars and the liberations of cities influenced the population and the proceeding of the war. Certain cities became main points of interests within certain countries, while other countries raised armies instead to take these cities and establish a hub. Allies and Axis fought for freedom, or for world control, and luckily, the Allies had won. The causes for the war were numerous, and many important battles were fought in honor of the Allies, made up of the US, Great Britain, Soviet Union and France, or were fought in glory of the Axis, made up of Japan, Germany and Italy. Battles at sea, or battles at land, these causes defined WWII, the battles represented it, and it left a great mark upon the world. WWII had many causes. One of the main economic and militarized causes was the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was placed under this treaty to basically limit itself, …show more content…
This fighting first started with Pearl Harbor. This attack on Hawaii lead to the US joining the war. With the US first defending in the Battle of Midway, they soon took the offense in the battle of Guadalcanal. This offense led to Japan losing land for the first time in WWII, leaving the Allies to gain this land. This offense continued in the Battle of Saipan, Philippine Sea, and finally the battle of Iwo Jima before finally entering the last battle, the Battle of Okinawa. This end to the war was one of the bloodiest battles fought. This battle also influenced a later decision by President Harry Truman. Casualties in the war, numbering in over 140,000 Allied/Civilian casualties, he decided that an invasion of Japan would hurt them greatly. Instead, he integrated the new technology of nuclear bombs into his plan, and bombed to cities in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This soon lead the Japanese to surrender, which officially ended the war at