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The action of killing oneself intentionally

Boy ‘driven to suicide by bullies’
James Tozer
This article is based on 11-year-old boy named Thomas Thompson who committed suicide. Thomas was constantly getting bullied at St Wilfred Roman Catholic School. The bullies would choke him as well as call him names such as “fatso” and “gay boy”. Thomas eventually had enough and committed suicide. He committed suicide by overdosing on painkillers. The authors main point in this article is that bullying in schools must stop. They must try to prevent as many suicides at such a young age. Also that bullies should be punished for such a foolish act they played, for they lead a path to someone’s death. This reflects to my CPT because of how many teens are committing suicide. In the article, it stated that another 3 children committed suicide previously to Thomas’ death. Bullying in an accessory to suicide, and is one of many that drive people to commit suicide.

“Thomas’ death is a terrible waste of a life. 11 years old he should have been living a carefree life and looking forward to the summer holiday” (Dr Michele Elliot)
Lullaby by Nickleback
Songwriter: Mike Kroeger
This song relates to my topic because it tells you about life and how there can be difficult obstacles through it. Those obstacles is what are making people, especially teens, commit suicide. Sometimes people just have to learn to overcome those obstacles and make life have a purpose to it. The music video to this song is based on a teenage girl dying in childbirth, leaving her boyfriend to care for the baby. He feels like he cannot support this baby so he picked up adoption brochure. At this point he is really struggling with the baby and is starting to look into putting the child up for adoption. He suddenly realises that if his girlfriend was here with him, she wouldn’t want him to abandon their child so he decides to keep it. Recently, teens have been giving up to easily and don’t realise what they are getting themselves into. Later on, they regret the decisions they made and feel just as worse as they did before. Everyone experiences their ups and downs, but people have to start realising that they aren’t the only ones experience this. You don’t need to harm yourself by cutting or starving yourself because there are plenty of people to help you through it. Even though you had enough of life, it doesn’t mean that you have to end it in such a depressing way, just give in a second try.
“Never that bad”
Life can never be that bad, you have to enjoy something in life
“From cutting yourself with