Teresa Diroberto For President Of The United States

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Diroberto for president!!
Ladies and gentleman I present to you your new candidate for illustrious title of President of the United States, Teresa Diroberto better known to her students as Ms. D. Now Ms. Diroberto has all the qualifications that are required to hold the title of president. She is above the age of 35, she is a natural born citizen of the country and lastly she has been living in the United States for well over 14 years now. Ms. D is extremely well suited to adjust to the roles that the leader of the free world must undertake. She is well accustomed to working and teaching in a classroom with such a diverse cultural population. So it wouldn’t be much harder for her as the chief diplomat to handle business with our allies and foreign nations and keep peace with the rest of the world. And as a teacher she has control over what he classes can and cannot do and she overlooks the majority of what happens in her classroom. As chief executive she would keep a close eye on our politicians and make sure that they are performing their duties and implementing the laws.
Ms. D is a born leader. When she was young as a softball player for her hometown she led her team to countless victories and was a firm leader on the field. I believe that she can bring that same leadership she had on the field and bring into office as commander in chief. She can bring decisive victories over our enemies as the leader of our nation’s military. As student in her classroom we look up at her as a symbol to what we need to strive for. She represents our class and she is known as being our teacher. Making her an excellent chief of state to represent the United States of America to the rest of the world. Grading papers is one of Ms. Ds specialties as an instructor. She has the power to pass or fail any student based on the quality of his or her work. Being chief legislature would be a simple job for her to complete. Watching over and running the