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Sethe’s desire to protect her children prompts the anger and discomfort in them and results in destruction upon the family. After Sethe having heard about her master's idea of taking her baby to the south, she ran away with her hoping to protect her oldest and only daughter.
Having no other choice she killed her oldest daughter "engraved on her baby's headstone: Dearly
Beloved"(Morrison 5). Sethe’s decision to kill beloved reveals her desire to protect her. She doesn't really want her baby to go through slavery the same way she had especially after she survived a traumatic escape from slavery itself. This assertion demonstrates her overlook of the way it may affect others. Equally important , her decision to kill her child marks her desire to protect her children.Many years after killing beloved, a ghost is found in her house." We lucky this ghost is a baby"(Morrison 6). When we think of a ghost you don't think of it as a positive, a ghost haunts and just scares us. Beloved said to be "Rebuked. Lonely and rebuked" (Morrison
16). The fact that Beloved seems to be angry in the book, indicates that she is angry with her mother. In addition, Beloved may also feel isolated and betrayed by her mother who killed her at such a young age, revealing the anger and discomfort within her. Furthermore,taking a close look at Denver daughter of Sethe, Denver specifically is angry , lonely and very confused. She more than confused about her mother Sethe,Sethe has the desire to protect her children, she’s the type of overprotective mother who cares for her children more than anyone.For instance , while sethe speaks with Paul D and says ” Nobody was going to nurse her like me. Nobody was going to get it to her fast enough, or take it away when she had enough and didn't know it. Nobody that she couldn't pass her air if you held her up on your shoulder,only if she was lying on my knees. Nobody knew that but me and nobody had her milk but me.” ( Morrison 19).She shows her protective side. She doesn't want anyone else to care for her child more than she does. Even though she went through a lot during her slavery times she managed to take care of her kids. Equally important, looking closely at Denver , she shows how angry she may be at her mother.For example, feeling lonely and abandoned Denver shouts “ I can’t live here [124 on Bluestone Road]. I dont know where to go or what to do, but I can’t live here. Nobody speaks to us. Nobody comes by. Boys don't talk to me, Girls don't either.”...” ...It’s not the house. It’s us! It’s you [Sethe]!”( Morrison 17). Denver is more than angry , due to her mother’s decision to kill “Beloved” in order to protect her didn’t really bring joy to everyone.
Denver has no friends to talk to because of the house being haunted by “Beloved”. Denver as angry as she is is basically blaming her mother for the horrible life she is experiencing.Moreover, this comes down to destruction of family , bringing both sethe and Denver to point of their lives they never wanted to be in. To illustrate, while sitting at the table with Paul D ,Sethe shouting at
Denver “ Hush! ...Go somewhere and sit down.” Denver picked up her plate and left the table.(
Morrison 52.) Sethe and Denver have there ups and downs especially with the fact that they both have things inside, Sethe her slavery times and how much pain she has been through and, denver with her lonely life. After Baby suggs death and Howard and Buglar leaving they have to count on each other but, their arguing is bring destruction to the family. Moreover , taking more closer look at sethe’s overprotective desire as a mother. Sethe during her slavery times went through so much problems.While living in sweet home Sethe panicked because she didn’t want her children and herself to be taken back into slavery. Sethe brought her children into the shed, and she knocked the boys unconscious and killed Beloved by cutting her