Terrorism Essay

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Viktoria Shkaryova 501 eng/esp

Terrorism has shown its ugly face for many centuries, creating disruptions to normal life, the economies, nations and people. Many innocents have lost their life due to terrorism. Terrorisms are violent acts committed with the intention to kill, injure, maim and psychologically disturb people. People committing such acts are called terrorists. The objective of terrorists and terrorism is to create disruptions that will bring a nation to its knees. There is hardly any part of the world which has not witnessed terrorist acts. The first act of terror was witnessed during the French Revolution. The modern English term "terrorism" dates back to 1795 when it was used to describe the actions of the Jacobin Club in their rule of post-Revolutionary France, the so-called "Reign of Terror. There are many definitions for terrorism. One is a form of unconventional warfare to compel a government/state to accept their demands. TYPES OF TERRORISM There are six different types of terrorism. They are anarchist terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism, right wing terrorism, left wing terrorism, religious terrorism, and nationalist terrorism.
Anarchist terrorism was a major global phenomenon from the 1870s to 1920. A young Hungarian refugee killed President William McKinley who was persuaded to by anarchist sentiment in 1901.
Iran accused Cuba, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria of supporting terrorism. The Abu Nidal Organization is an example of state-sponsored terrorism.
Right wing terrorism is one of the least organized terrorists. They attack immigrants and refugees.
Left wing terrorism limits the use of violence, but destroys the democracy and take over with socialist or communist regime. They also stay away from harming victims. Baader-Meinhof Group, the Japanese Red Army, Weathermen, and the Red Brigades are all examples of left wing terrorism.
Religious terrorism attack large numbers of their enemy. They use violence as their strategy. Here are some examples of religious terrorism: Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Aum Shinrikyo.
Nationalist terrorists use violence. These terrorists are usually successful at getting people’s sympathy because they try to fight for "national liberation”. Irish Republican Army, Basque Fatherland and Liberty, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party are examples of nationalist terrorism.
Narcoterrorism is another type of terrorism that has to do with drugs. Some terrorist groups such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia, National Liberation Army, Shining Path, Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Hezbollah, Al-Queda (Taliban), Real IRA, and Basque Fatherland and Liberty, use narcoterrorism. Because nearly every terrorist group today uses narcoterrorism, experts think that the word is nonspecific.

Explosive devices
These can be delivered to their targets in vehicles, by post or by a person. Currently an explosive device within a vehicle is the most prevalent means of attack. Unlike the Provisional IRA, who also used this method, Al Qaida networks often seek to ensure that their target is hit by employing a suicide operative within the vehicle to detonate the device at the required moment.
Suicide bombers are also deployed to carry an explosive device into the vicinity of a target individual or location. On some occasions the terrorists decide, as they did in the Madrid commuter train attacks in March 2004, to detonate their devices remotely, so that they can go on to perpetrate further attacks.
Al Qaida have orchestrated a campaign of shootings and close quarter attacks targeted against Westerners in Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Most