Tesco Culture Essay

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The analysis on the impacts, values and the significance of organizational culture in Tesco

Culture is one of the terms that have been becoming more familiar in the 21st century among the multinational companies all around the world. The world has been shrunken by the fasting travelling and communicating technologies which has brought down the barriers for the organisations having business in international market. But still then there are few barriers that make the international business critical and hard for everyone to succeed in it. This is due to the factor that the businesses have direct influence over the culture that is followed in the respective country where the business is carried out. So it would be interesting to
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Moreover the qualitative research is considered more vigorous form of research. Finally the purpose of the research is to identify the factor that has impact on the organization culture in Tesco. A theory about the culture would be verified in research. This method of research is not so rigid or scientific that adds vantage so that the research is flexible to identify and know more about culture which would be more effective.
Data collection
This will be a crucial part of the research because it is necessary for a research to have enough data to be successful. More the amount of data more is the accuracy of the result of the research. Primary data as well as the secondary data would be collected for the purpose of research. Primary data is collected by case studies, interviews and through observations. The secondary data collection is through the journals, internet sources, newspapers and magazines.
Laddering interview
Bourne and Jenkins (2005) reports that laddering interview technique could be used to know about the personal values of the members and the organisation. Laddering is described “as the process of drawing out higher level of abstraction that has been used by the people organizes their environment.” So it could be effectively used to evaluate the impact of culture in Tesco. This method is used to explore the specific personal