Essay about Testing Animals

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Scientists should seek different alternatives to animal experimentation. Science and technology has had so many advances in recent years, that there must be other alternatives that allow animal testing to stop being necessary. Options such as experimentation on human stem cells may be a way to experiment without hurting and killing animals. Another option is the creation of computers or robots that would have the ability to simulate human reactions to products or chemicals substances. People just need to compromise and find other ways because the options are there. The problem is that humans do not want to use them.
Testing on animals is not necessary and has three main negative facts. First, its results are not reliable. Second, it does not show respect for animals’ rights, and third it is an inhumane practice that goes against morals. The results obtained by testing on animals have been proven to not be reliable. Many people have suffered side effects and serious consequences caused by drugs that have been tested on animals. It is very important for people to understand that experimentation on animals is not a reliable source to determine if a drug or a product can be use for humans. Additionally, it is important to highlight that experimentation with animals is totally against animals’ rights. These experiments are performed with the sole purpose of benefiting the human race, and in the process, the animals’ rights are not taken into account in the least. Finally, these kinds of experiments are inhumane and go against morals. Animals are subjected to painful and inhumane process that causes death.
Experimentation on animals must stop. Animals are not our property. they deserve the right to be respected and to have a normal life. Animals are as important a part of the world as humans are. People must