Examples Of The Scarlet Letter

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Leroa Mandel
November 28,2012
Ms. Danlieand

1. "Mother" said little Pearl, "The sunshine does not love you. It runs away and hides itself because it is afraid of something on your bosom….it will not flee from me, for I wear nothing on my bosom yet!" pg 78 * This quote illustrates the role of Pearl and her strength she hold for Hester. * It also explains the connection between sin and humanness. * The quote also allows you to picture this happening an how traumatizing it is for both Pearl and Hester to experience.

2. “A good man’s prayers are golden recompense!” pg 184 * This symbolizes that prayers will save the good people who deserve to be saved. * Chillingsworth was not a good man all the time, he tried to manipulate people and soon only hurt himself. * Those who sin look to prayers as a way out but only the good men who pray are golden recompense.

3. "All strength and energy- all his vital and intellecutal force- seemed at once to desert him in so much that he positively wither up and shrieveled away. . . like an uprooted weed that lies wilting in the sun" pg 78-79 * This shows imagery that how once the evil purpose that sustains chiilingsworth dies, he must also die. * He realizes that his honor will be besmirched as the husband of a faithful woman" he tries to destroy Hesters partner in crimes but only ends up destroying. * After realizing all the bad he has done , in the end he has only wasted energy and his strengths are now weakening . he has faded away just like an uprooted weed.

4. "i would have no need to ask how satan comports himself when a precious soul is . . . won into his kingdom" pg 93 * this creates an image that the devil is crackling with hellish delight over a lost soul * after acheiving his goal of discovering pearls father. * The devil has gotten the best of them and know they are lost, trying to figure out their next move

5. "The appearence of an immense letter "the letter A" marked out in lines of dull red light" pg 97 * this quote has both imagery and symbolism. * first it creates a picture of a peaceful , dark night , the sky suddenly disturbed by a lurid red streak forming the letter "A" * this “A” has a significance that affects everyone and not just Hester.

6. "putting his hands over his heart" pg 76 * This motion symbolizes his hidden sin. yet, the only reason he hides it is because of the light in which his society will view it. * He becomes extremely ill in his attempt to withhold the truth, and even turns morbid and interprets almost everything as a sign of his sin the night he sleep walks to the scaffold. * He becomes traumatized and starts to image things that are not there, this affects his health

7. its punishment enough for her to have the entire town know of her crime and "become the general symbol at which the preachers...might point... and embody their images of woman’s frailty and sinful passion" pg 79 * Hester is displayed as entertainment for the people in the village. * She receives no respect nor loyatly for anyone, he womanhood and self structure is what keeps Hester strong for her and Pearl * The townsmen criticizes Hester for her actions but little does anyone know the miracle of this