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Peter Hyun
Mr. Cundari
September 16, 2013

Importance of Copyright in the Cyberspace

The development of internet society, human life changed a lot. People having convenience from internet and want to have more simple life. So, online crimes are increasing, especially the infringement of copyright. In now day people do not recognize this issue is not a problem, some of them don’t think this is a breaking the law. People should not download or sharing by illegally; the violator will be punished, and the publisher loses the huge amount of budget.

Download or sharing other’s work without him or her permission can punished. According to Government of Canada Publications, the consequence of infringing the Copyright Acts can be civil, which is person has to compensation for using unauthorized of copyright. There is another way can be criminal, which is having criminal record, be imprisoned, and provide the maximum of $1,000,000 (Government of Canada Publications). Copyright Acts usually deal with business piracy; for example, infringing the copyright of other’s movies, video games, or music to sell them.

Infringing other’s copyright is not only harm the sharer, it also harm the publisher. Global music sell falls down every year; for example, Global music sale in 2009 was only 7% to US $17 billion (IFPI). The most reason for decreasing Global music sale is Peer 2 Peer as known as P2P; this is most popular sites for illegal distribution, and it charges 20% of world. There are many P2P sites such as 4shared, BitSnoop, and Torrent. People do not need to