The American Dream Essay

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October 16, 2013 4a The Dream
James Truslow Adams defined the American dream as “a better, richer, and happier life” for our children and for ourselves. These qualities are apparent in the dreams of many Americans, however the American dream can also be perceived as an illustration of individuality . The idea behind the “American dream” is that, in America we are fortunate enough to have so many opportunities and because of that we have the environment that allows you to expand and be successful regardless of what our perception of the American dream is. With that being said, what we have learned over time is that does who have been successful in making their American dream possible are those who have chosen to go after their dreams regardless of the obstacles presented before them.
It should be made clear that the American Dream isn't for everyone; it’s for those who choose to wake up and make their dreams a reality. It is for people like Martin Luther King Jr. who rejected the status quo. It is for the rebels of 1776 who chose to fight for freedom knowing damn well that there chances of victory were slim. The American Dream is for those who chose not have their future be convicted by where they are from or there chances but rather where they want to be, by their faith, and by will to endure . Those who have defined history are the people who have had the courage to defy the odds and make their dream into a reality.
As we shift to a new era filled with uncertainty in our economy and politics, it has become apparent that reaching our American dream has become more challenging to achieve. America isn’t perfect nor has it ever been nor will it ever be. Yes, there is much inequality, injustice, and corruption in America today. Yes, our prisons are filled with young minority men. Yes, men of color are targeted through stop and frisk and jailed way more often than white men. Yes, a large percentage of our government represents the will of special interest rather than it’s people. Yes, our education system sucks. Yes, we are in an ongoing war. Yes, these are obstacles that we face today, and yes, there are many problems with America today; the list goes on and on and on. However, the people who are going to make their dreams a reality know that the road is not easy and they will not use these obstacles as an excuse. We are not the first generation to face obstacles. Time and time again the people who have attempted to make their dreams into a truth have faced obstacles such as these, if not greater obstacles, but the difference is they have not let those obstacles stop them. The strength and inspiration needed to carry out our dreams can be found in the history of this nation. From the start it, it seemed as if America was destined for failure, we were faced with an “unbeatable” army, literally. The idea of freedom like the “American Dream” today seemed like a distant, unreachable, illusive dream. It seemed like it was just that only a dream. But as the revolutionaries did we must choose to defy the heavily stacked odds set before us. In 1776 when American rebels faced the world’s greatest army at the time and the odds were heavily stacked against them, they shouted, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Obstacle after obstacle, setback after setback, they remained hopeful. They saw a clear vision for what they wanted and would stop at nothing to get it. If we want to make our dreams possible we must commit our very being to it. We have to see our American dream for ourselves even if no one sees it for us.
During the women suffrage when women demanded their rights. People thought it couldn't be done. They faced humiliation and criticism from all around “How can they argue for the right to vote when they don’t have a vote on it?”. Even though nobody else believed in them, they saw their dream for themselves. These brave women saw a vision, a goal, a dream they wanted to make into a reality.