The American Dream Essay

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What is the American Dream? Is it fame? Is it fortune? President Franklin Roosevelt explained the American Dream as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. The American Dream is different for everyone, but is simply the urge for a better life. Although it is still valid, it is totally different than what it used to be. For the early immigrants the American Dream was a better life, but not with material goods, but by freedom. To have the freedom to worship whoever they want, and to say whatever they want without the fear of being arrested or shot. These dreams stayed with America until the 1900’s. The ending of war caused the American Dream to be completely altered. We no longer have to worry about freedom, we filled the gap with wealth. The American Dream is now to marry a beautiful wife, or handsome husband, start a family, and become rich. It has turned into greed. People no longer do their work because it is something they enjoy, they do it for the money. Franklin D. Roosevelt Helped get us on the pathway to recovery from the Great Depression. After a month-long run on American banks, Roosevelt proclaimed a Bank Holiday, Beginning March 6, 1933, that shut down the banking system. When the banks reopened on March 13, depositors stood in line to return all their saved up cash. Roosevelt made strenuous attempts to help those without work. He set up the New York State Emergency Relief Commission and appointed Harry Hopkins to run the agency. Another popular figure with a good record for helping the disadvantaged, Frances Perkins, was recruited to the team as state…