American Dream Essay

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The American Dream – the reason millions of people from other countries immigrate to American every year, the reason why people work hard and give their all to reach their goals.. The American Dream is the idea that has been proven and disproven time and time again that success, improvement, and happiness is gained through hard work and ambition, strife and struggle. However, it has been overshadowed by these false beliefs in basis of family background, social status and previous affiliations in life, and the false disposition of instant wealth, fame, and fortune. Visualizing the horrors of the false American Dream is UneXpecT’s song, “The Unfed Pendulum”; conversely, Geela’s article, “The American Dream” illustrates the truth of the real American Dream. In order to get anywhere in America, you need to work hard, have ambitions, and not rely on welfare see those ambitions to the end. However, those who follow the path may stray from it. They may end up relying on money and possessions to fit in. Others may fall into believing the American Dream is nothing but fun and games and only enjoy the leisure and luxury of the American life, while the rest of the strays will end up abusing power and connections to get through hardships and work. Where there is life, there is conformity. People want to fit in. The American Dream is no different; people want to fit in by obtaining the most recent in entertainment, technology, and transportation. This is one of the false dispositions of the American Dream, where people end up having to rely on money and possessions to stay in with the times and the crowd. UneXpecT supports this with, “Hazy...need some nourishment...Feed me some delectable time…Feed me tasty impulsions. Gear-wheels all shouting in unison: FEED ME!!!!” Those who only want what are the newest advances in technology will be chronically obsessed with it over time. Their “nourishment" is the latest and greatest, while needing to be served on an impulsion’s whim in order to stay in social shape. The gears are shouting in unison; everyone has one, so why don’t you? Next is, “Hull is breached, this inner sanctum is being bleached, the unfed pendulum is starved.” When people who follow this way of life go ways without satisfying themselves of superficiality and materialistic objects, they develop a sort of withdrawal from it. They pain themselves to get it all, spending money they do not, obtaining things they do not deserve. They are a slave to the market and media; to the common objectives of the common commoner of want, want, and want, while no longer being themselves. The false followers will do things to themselves for the attention they do not deserve. Geela proposes an antidote to this pandemic with, “If you wish to live with purpose and meaning and want to experience the difference between living consciously and unconsciously, live by the motto: ‘He with the most joys lives,’ rather than ‘He with the most toys, lives.”Once you take the time to figure out what you really want from life, and what you are really going to do to reach those goals is when you truly will be happy and freed from the clutches of the media, money, and possessions. These are not the only things people do to screw over the American Dream in all its glory, however. People want luxury they do not deserve, but they also want leisure, the fun and games they do not deserve. Followers of the false American Dream want to live their lives to the fullest; to forget the problems of the past, to forward to a better future. However, they did not earn it. These ones will play their days out of recklessness, hypocrisy, and procrastination while stealing the rewards from those who deserve it. UneXpecT breaks into this theme with, “Mathematical cartilage of the eternal spin, too busy to care…the engine disintegrates and disrupt the circular ritual.” Like teenagers who steal from their parents endless wallets without earning the money, there are those who spend