The American Dream Argumentative Essay

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Fernanda Gutierrez Franco
English 9C 6th Period
November 9th, 2015 Ever wondered what you are actually working so hard for in life? Yeah, that moment when you daydream about your lovely future. The American Dream is that future, it still exists, so easy to dream of and imagine, but almost impossible to reach. Fate and hard work, sweat keep it alive throughout all these turns and changes. Although many say that it is lost, that it never existed, they are wrong, there is always a motive in life, a goal, and here, it is the American Dream. Criticism is just a curtain opaquing your view. Move it out the way and you will clearly see what you want to see. The American Dream only has one way to it, your only ride to it is passion and dedication to
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One of the reasons that the American Dream is believed by many to not exist is because of what the people are talking about. Many just show the negatives of life and not the positives like that of hard work. Murder, assaults, suicide, fights, disasters, crimes, and all the others, are one of the most talked about news on TV, social media, conversations, and any other form of communication. With all these news many are overwhelmed and just can’t find any good in life. Those who are hard workers, worry about whether there dreams can be accomplished with all these roadblocks and dangers. Criticism is just complicating the American Dream more than it needs to. As long as you are dedicated, honest, passionate, and inspired, you will find the way through all of this. Obviously the United States is not a paradise, there are many flaws that need to be fixed, but it is not only the United States, nobody and nothing is perfect, so many can stop criticising this, and began to look for perfection in imperfection, until they call it …show more content…
The only way to be sure about your dream is to be confident about what you want in life. The American Dream has always existed, it has just changed its form, but never its true meaning. Even if you don’t think it exists, what you are doing each morning as you plan what you well do either on a weekday or on a weekend, is moving you forward towards your dream. Everyone has their own goals, some may be so complicated, others could be really simple, but it is an accomplishment that you want and are working for. People criticize the American Dream, but what they talk about isn’t the truth, don’t be wrongly influenced. To even fulfill your dream, you must work hard with passion, dedication. and inspiration. That’s all you will need to accomplish the American