The Anti-Slavery Movement In The 1600's

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Many important events led to the creation of the National Freedom Day. The events that led up happened to be very important events in history that affected America’s future forever. Ordinarily, we don’t think about how lucky we are to have such freedom in this country.
The first event was the anti-slavery movements in the 1600’s. This sparked the discussion of slaves being free. In the article it stated, “the anti-slavery movement started in the 1600s, when some slaves began rebelling in the hopes of gaining their freedom” (Freedom For All 1). These protests started happening in the 1800’s. Some colonists thought that it was not right for them to be asking for independence from Britain, while others enslaved in America. In 1861, Civil War broke out due to the north’s and south’s variated opinions. To put it in other words, the north wanted to abolish slavery, but the south wanted to keep it. Two years later, in 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation stated that all slaves fighting in the war on the southern side became free, nevertheless this didn’t free all slaves. In 1865, President Lincoln convinced the majority of lawmakers to support
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The indicated event was important because if it wasn’t for the 13th amendment, slaves would not be free. February 1st is based on the freedom of all citizens. With African Americans still enslaved, this day would not be established. In the article it states, “devised National Freedom Day as a way to celebrate the liberties that all Americans enjoy. National Freedom Day, which falls on February 1, marks the anniversary of the constitutional amendment that made slavery illegal in the U.S.” (Freedom For All 1). This day is also based off of the signing of the amendment. If it wasn’t for the signing, then the date would not be the same as it is