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The background.
For the reason why I choose this topic is that as we knew, couple of days before, Brisbane held an activity called G20. It seems that this activity actually was a financial meeting which held between most developing countries and a few developed countries. As a consequence, Australia, as one of a minority developed country, her leader must be a respectable man because at least kept holding Australia as a developed country but in fact, opposite to my view, Australian held many demonstrations during the G-20. This is the reason why I choose this topic. I extremely keen to know some exact policy of Australia and the government style of it.

Background of the style of Australian government: Australia was formed in 1901 as a result of an agreement among six self-governing British colonies, which became the six states.
White policy. Stolen generation.( extreme white policy)
Edward Gough Whitlam finish the white policy
Kevin Michael Rudd The apologize for stolen genration.

Abbott has an active interest in Indigenous Affairs.[159] As Opposition Leader, Abbott promised to prioritise indigenous affairs, saying: "There will be, in effect, a prime minister for Aboriginal affairs".[159] As Prime Minister, Abbott reformed the administration of the portfolio, moving it into the Department of Prime Minister.[160] Aborigines
As Health Minister, Abbott established the Nurse Family Partnership to improve conditions for indigenous youth. As Opposition Leader, he worked…