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Assignment # 6 Price

A. List the factors affecting the price of your product/service.

B. Should you utilize a skimming, penetration or moderate pricing strategy? Why?

C. Select one of the following options (offer price(s) you will utilize and justify your choice:
A specific price
Price range
Price Points
A combination of the above options

D. How will you see to it that your target market perceives a price/value relationship when they purchase your product/service? Specify actions/steps you will take.

E. One source is required, which will be added to the bibliography.

F. Include source page(s).

G. Exchange papers with a classmate. (Hard copy or email). Read Sections and critique. The two questions listed on page two will be answered.

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This two page document will be handed in to Maria along with the student’s assignment. Maria will grade Student’s Critique of a fellow classmate.

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Completed all sections___

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What areas did the Student complete correctly?

What areas need to be improved? Make suggestions.

A. Factors Affecting the Price

1. Target Market – Hagerman Tax Firm’s target market is mid-level white collar business men and women. The target market wouldn’t mind paying a little bit of a premium to have their taxes done right.

2. Competition - TurboTax and others offer software that allows clients to do their own taxes. This software is cheaper than getting your taxes done by a professional. At Hagerman Tax Firm we can’t beat the competition in price but hopefully we can beat them in quality.

B. Pricing Strategy

1. Hagerman Tax Firm will use a moderate pricing strategy. The reason for this is that as a new company Hagerman Tax Firm would not have the cash to compete using penetration pricing. Because it is a tax firm and people will only need to use the firm once a year they might check prices every time they need to use the service. A premium pricing strategy would not work