The Best Way Mom Take Care of Children Essay

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Marie D Cadet
The Best Way Mom Take Care Children
Generally, becoming a new mom is one of the most important decisions for many women. That arouses a lot of questions about it, such as “should women as a new mother stay home and take care of their children or should they go back to work”? Some opponents agree with the idea women have to work after giving birth to their babies to support their family financially. In fact, that extra money will be allowing them to increase their family’s income and to provide great things to their children. Despite of those opponents’ opinions, others accept wisely to stay home to provide excellent care to their children, to give them love and affection and to participate actively to their mental and physical developments.
First of all, working and making money are really necessary for everyone because those ways allow most women to be confident and respectful into their family. Moreover, some men appreciate when their wife participate financially in the household. For example, they can buy toys and dresses for their children to make them happy without asking their father for that. On other hand, women decide to stay home offer their babies the best care and they also spend great and unforgettable time with them. Psychologically, they know when they feel well or not and they react spontaneously. Furthermore, they do not need a babysitter calls them to know their children do not eat today or they are not doing well. Being home and taking care of children is very advantageous that makes children feel anxieties free.
Secondly, affection and love cannot be buying. If some women after giving birth to their babies decided that they should go to work because for them money is their priority but not their children. Perhaps, they forgot their suffering quickly because for some women pregnancy is really a sickness until the day of birth their baby. In contrast, women can bring money without going out to work because the technology progress. Currently many people make money two ways out and online. For that reason, a woman can decide to stay home and have great connection with her children. By working online, women moms are able to work and participate monetarily in their household and they can still be able to increase their family’s income.
Finally, opponents agree with