The Bible as a Basis for Making Moral Decisions Essay

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The Bible as a Basis for Making Moral Decisions.
Moral decision making is when you decide what is right or wrong. Most people will decide what to do based on various things. For Christians these include the Bible and its teachings and their conscience. Other Christians follow their church’s teachings.

The Bible
 Christians believe the Bible is the word of God. Christians view the Bible as God’s guidance to them and it is the absolute authority on Christian decision making.
 The Bible contains teachings on how Christians ought to behave. The Ten Commandments give Christians clear guidance on how to behave.
 The Bible also contains Jesus’ teachings. Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God and they should follow his teachings – for example the Sermon on the Mount.
 The Bible gives a record of Jesus’ life and Christians can see how Jesus behaved in a situation and they know they ought to behave like that as well – ‘What would Jesus do?’
 The Bible also contains the letters from the leading disciples of Jesus – Peter, John, James and also the Apostle Paul. These letters were written to the early church to instruct them on how to behave now they were following God. They also help Christians to know how they ought to behave in certain circumstances. Christians believe these writers were guided by the Holy Spirit so they are valid for Christians to use today.
 Christians believe that only the Bible is the word of God and they can be sure that the moral decisions contained in the Bible would be approved by God.

All Christians accept the Bible as having authority in moral decision making but they