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Business Analysis.
The business
At meadowhall.
Handbags, briefcases, Document cases, Purses, wallets.
Offer gift wrapping
Monday to Saturday (excluding Wednesday's): 8.30am til' 6.00pm
Wednesday: 8.30am til' 7.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am til' 4.00pm
Armani exchange – Sells accessories.

Aldo – Leather goods and accessories

Accessorize is devoted to bringing the most exciting and eclectic products to the high street. With its own in-house design team, Accessorize holds a unique position on the high street with its inspirational, globally sourced, well priced and good quality collection of fashion accessories. Seasonal themes run through the brand, always presenting an individual take on the latest trends. The product range created at Accessorize is extensive and includes every kind of accessory imaginable.


Cath Kidston

All Saints




House of Frasier


Kurt Geiger


Peach accessories
At Peach Accessories we are proud to be different. Our unique ranges of Fashion Handbags, Evening Bags, Purses, Wallets, Costume Jewellery, Scarves, Shawls and Sparkling Shoes are only available from our stores and web site. All Handbags are designed by our exciting fashion designers and are exclusive. Handbags are hand made to our design specifications and are rich in detail, feature and colour. Our range of handbags offers fantastic value for money and you will find a handbag to compliment any outfit


Ted Baker

Tie Rack

Urban Outfitters

Graph analysis:

Sales increase in November and December time due to people buying Christmas presents, as handbags,purses,wallets are generally popular gifts to give to a female relation. Also sales are high in January, probably due to the sale promotions that often start after Christmas has finished. February has a massive drop due to the Christmas and sale period finishing.
Highest point December: £159,000
Lowest point June: £91000

Generally all the bags sales in the previous three years follow the same pattern. Increase rapidly over Christmas time, stoop after the January sale period. Have an increase in the April time, rapidly decrease after that until June where there is a huge increase in sales. 2009-10 at thestart of the year had the lowest sales, increased in 2010-11but the previous year decreased showing they are doing worse. From February-July in the previous 2 years, the sales have been very identical! Follow the same pattern and the numbers are roughly the same.

Hats scarves and gloves have had the lowest revenue every month of this year.
Generally shoes bring in most of the revenue closely followed by jewellery and watches.
December and January brings in most revenue in each department.

Shoes bring in most revenue. Over triple what hats, gloves and gloves bring in. Shoes are more expensive though. Jewellery and watches come close second, with a 5% difference. Bags bring in just over a fifth of the overall accessories department revenue.

Stability of government, and what government type. Will they bring in new legislation or rules that will affect trading for this company? Supply from abroad etc.
Corporation tax. Is it set to increase or decrease? Even the slightest of % increase will have a huge impact on large organisations.
Minimum wage increase. Means the businesses costs will go up, will they be able to afford to keep the same levels of staff? If not, how are they gonna choose who to get rid of.

Recent credit crunch.. on website it says that the store hasn’t really been affected.
Stiff competition in meadowhall. Much competition in MEadowhall to face, and as they are all under the same roof, consumers don’t have far to go to see other accessories. Necessary to have quality products at reasonable prices then. Keep abs on competitors and what offers they are doing.

Changes in buying habits. Keep up to date, especially