The Business Value of Messaging Technologies Essay

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Assignment 4.2: Discussion— The Business Value of Messaging Technologies

Part of the challenge highlighted in my PEST analysis is the number of leadership trainings in the district that are disconnected in a variety of ways. They are not aligned to a strategic outcome that builds capacity within the district that are sustainable and replicable. Many of our leadership work is structured around personal connections and interactive work. One of the outcomes is to build relationships and connections with people who you don’t often interact with throughout the course of your day. The messaging technology enables people to stay connected while in different parts of the district. Messaging is all about sending messages between the users of communication technologies, (Schwabe, 2012). The most commonly used message system is our email system which is assigned to every employee in the district. We also use text messaging as another form of messaging technology stay in touch. Emailing enables people to keep in touch with multiple people at one time. Messaging technologies have replaced many face to face conversations and gives people the sense that they are communication more effectively. In reality many of these conversations do not go well. I do not advocate nor take part in email conversations because of the likelihood that they could be misunderstood. My PEST analysis is about our ability to connect our leadership trainings and I do not believe that emailing technology will improve this aspect of the PEST analysis.

Text messaging is another technology that we have been using to improve our communication. While it enables us to talk in more real time there is still a great possibility for miscommunication to occur with text messaging. I do…