The Causes Of The Civil War

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The cause of the civil war has been a controversial topic causing many heated discussions in the historian community. It is my belief there are three main causes for the civil war: slavery issues, state rights, and economy reasons. The north and south had extremely different views on slavery; while the north fought furiously to abolish slavery the south continued to push for slave rights. In addition, states began to feel the need to claim their own rights such as the right to chose whether slavery is legal or not. Lastly, economy played a crucial role in the build up and cause of the civil war. The civil war started due to unbending differences between the north and south on the slavery issues, state rights and economic issues. The first we will dissect is the slavery issues. …show more content…
The south had decided to secede upon finding out Abraham, a republican, had won the election of 1860. The south had decided a win for the Republican Party was a win for the abolitionist and they had to leave before their right to slavery was taken. In addition, the fugitive slave act of 1860, an act that provided southern slaveholders with legal weapons to capture slaves who had escaped to the free states, played an important role in the build up to the civil war. It was extremely unpopular in the north thus causing many indifferent northerners to become antislavery.While slavery tends to be the most well known cause of the civil war it is not the only cause; another cause of the civil war is state