The Child By Tiger Short Story

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In the story, “The Child By Tiger”, there were many killings that led up to Dick’s surrender and murder. People such as Pansy Harris’s husband, John Chapman, Doc Lavender, Wayne Foraker, and six other men is who Dick killed. After Dick was brutally killed, it was more of a statement to other black’s saying what could happen if they acted in this manner. In this story, Dick killed 10 people. What started all of the murdering was Pansy Harris’s husband. Pansy Harris’s husband came after Dick with a razor blade and tried slicing Dick. But what started it was alcohol. In the story it states, “The men drank together. Each was in an ugly temper. Shortly before midnight, they got in to a fight. Harris slashed at Dick with a razor…” (735). Since Dick was in the Army, this event …show more content…
In the story it states, “And Dick, still coolly poised upon his knee, as calm and steady as if he were engaging in a rifle practice, fired again, drilled squarely through the center of the post and shot John Chapman through the heart. Then Dick rose, pivoted like a soldier in his tracks and strutted down the street, straight as a string, right out of town” (737). Dick’s surrender was one out of the ordinary. He ran out of bullets, and stood in a ditch and surrendered to the mob. In the story it states, “Instead, he sat down calmly on the bank, and as quietly as if he were seated on his cot in an Army barracks, he unlaced his shoes, took them off, placed them together neatly at his side, and then stood up like a soldier, erect, in his bare bleeding feet, and faced the mob” (738-739). Since there was a great hate for blacks back in that day, Dick’s surrender and killing by the mob was a statement to all blacks in the area. The mob killed Dick in this way to show every person in town what would happen if they acted in this manner. The way the mob