Essay on The College Dream

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Running head: Living The American Dream

Elizabeth Davis
Excelsior College

The American Dream: Living and Defending it.

The decision to pursue college can be an overwhelming one, however, it can be a rewarding one. Some rewards from graduating college varies from self-pride, successful jobs, a better life and proud parents. People all over the world dream about coming to America to receive an education in the pursuit of the American dream: a better life. Many believe that pursing the American dream is worth risking their children and their own life for. Could it be because, we are all taught at an early age that acquiring a college degree would serve as the platform for a promising future? My decision to attend college was not a simple choice. My parents, obstacles, and close friends throughout my life had an influence on my decision to pursue a college degree.
I always had this notion that since birth my path was predetermined to collide with college or the United States Army. The impact these two could have on my life, like most collisions, was terrifying and nerve-racking. College was etched into my mind by my parents and teachers before I even fully understood its importance. I knew by the 9th grade that I had to go off to school; after all, it was what everyone did. So naturally, I studied hard in school to make my parents proud and to get selected into a great school. I had to go to college to make something of myself even if I did not want to