The Cotton Gin Research Paper

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The Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney was a famous inventor. He was born in December 8, 1765 in

Westboro, Massachusetts. Eli Whitney became friends with Catherine Greene and her fiance Phineas Miller in 1792. On day Eli Whitney went to a farmer to ask, " how did they make cotton"?

"well, you have to separate the cotton from the cotton seeds from the fiber is a really long process," the farmer replied.

The farmer, Eli, Catherine, and Phineas talked for a while to get information, on how they made the cotton, or separating the cotton from the fiber.

"Bye thanks for helping us today," Eli said to the farmer, and shook his hand good bye.

The others did the same and they all left to go see what Eli had in mind. As soon as Eli got to his "work shop" he got to work on the Cotton Gin. The information he got from farmers was that, separating the cotton seeds from the fiber was a particularly difficult challenge, mainly because of the amount of manual labor required for the task.
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With the information they had and Catherin's financial help, Eli got started on the Cotton Gin. It took hard work but, with Phineas, and Catherine's help they finally did it. At last they made a new machine called the Cotton Gin. This machine forever changed the way cotton would be farmed. Eli, Catherine, and Phineas were pleased on how the Cotton Gin turned out.

Eli asked Phineas, "we should partner up and make as many Cotton Gin as we can!"

Phineas said with a smile on his face, "let's do it! Eli smiled on Phineas reply. They both partnered up and made as many Cotton Gins as they could make.

Phineas asked Eli, "We should charge farmers for using our Cotton