The Crucible Essay

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The Crucible The Crucible. What is the first thing that comes to you mind when you hear that? For me it was Judgment. The three reasons that support why Arthur Miller named his story, “The Crucible” are that crucible means to melt at high temperatures (Heat that the characters are going through), how the town begins to form after everything has been heated up (Trials, executions), and how everything cools down after its been formed. The first reason is that crucible means, “To melt at high temperatures”. This is exactly what happens in The Crucible. For example, when Abigail Williams starts to pretend that she is “possessed” she raises a huge chatter in the town, everyone starts to worry of their children, worry about themselves, that there are also not safe from the Devil. From that point on its just get worse and worse because then the other girls start to follow her (Abigail Williams). Start to repeat her evil plan, actions. Like for instance, they start to fake it also and lie. Another reason that supports why Miller name his story “The Crucible” is how everything starts to change and form, because that’s what crucible means, “to reshape, to form”. For example, after everything gets heated up, and serious. Important people get involved, like Governor Danforth, Reverend Hale, and Reverend Samuel Parris. After they come in, trials begin. People start to accuse other people of witchcraft, chaos rolls into the town in a blink. Innocent people get accused and hanged. The reason for this is Abigail and all the other girls kept pretending and saying false accusations on other people, including old people, and even on John Proctor. Lastly the reason why I