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Cody Westover
Mr. IrvineReading Pd. 530 October 201 The Devil In Abigail Abigail Williams might seem like she is a sweet girl, but is she really that good of a girl? Everyone in the village thought that Abigail Williams was telling the truth about there being witches upon them and were content on finding out who they were. The people then later find out that there was really never any witches, but that Abigail and the other girls were lying the whole time to save their selves. Abigail would be the reason for the loss of all of the innocent men and women’s lives. She still ended up getting away with it all by just running away before the council could figure out she was lying the whole time. It is safe to say that Abigail was the most manipulative person in the story with her lying, trickery, and brains to get people to believe her that witches were in the village. Abigail had everyone tricked in the village into thinking that there was actually witches existing there. She had the council tricked when she accused Tituba of practicing witchcraft. That then led the council to believe Abigail was telling the truth after Tituba confessed to doing witchcraft to save her own life. Abigail caused a bunch of innocent deaths from playing her little tricks throughout the time period of the Salem witch trials. She had the council believe Mary was not telling the truth when she confessed that the girls were lying about it by saying “Mary please don’t hurt me!” while pointing to the rafters in the church. Tricking people was not the only thing she did the council then figured out she was lying too. Abigail’s lying had everyone believing that she was seeing spirits of the witches in the village. She was never seeing the spirits though she was just lying to get people killed and to save herself. She ran to talk to the council one day told them that reverend Hales wife spirit had come to her last night. She also said that Goody Proctor’s spirit stabbed her in the stomach. “Goody Proctor sent her spirit to kill me!” is what Abigail said when she walked into the house bleeding from stabbing herself trying to accuse Good Proctor of sending her spirit to do it. Even though she was lying Abigail was the mastermind behind the whole scheme. Abigail was the brains behind all of the incidents that happened during the witch trials. During the trials she had all of