The crucible Essay

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Basic moral principles
Moral acts: need criteria
-the decision itself (what do you want to do)
-the intention behind wanting to perform the action
-the circumstances under which the action is going to be performed
Human nature and human person we in making decisions must remember that every himan being is mamde in the image and lightness of god whe you are making any decision you cant forget that out purpose in life is to love and do good as a resultof original sin (humanities ablity to do evil) we are faced with the dilemma of good and evil we were born good but our humanness takes over
Human freedom and responsibility
WE HAVE been given the gift of freedom or free will meaing we have the ability to make choices god will never interfere with your free will even if you screw up because then he will take back that gift if you go down you have to suffer the consequences of what you have done on the flip side you make a good decision you have every right to rejoice in the goodness that comes from that decision responsibility: the ability to respond, your response is taking the positive action but not to the point where oyu become an enabler
Human passions
THE DEEPEST PASSION WE HAVE is love because it is so deep within us catholic moral teaching says when faced with a choice between the most loving thing and obeying the law we choose the loving thing love > law when It is possible you do both but for jesus and morality the most impostant thing is love
Moral rules there has to be a set of guidelines to determine what is right and wrong
1. Natural law: gives men and women the ability to choose good form evil right from wrong truth from a lie not something written down, by human nature, since we have the ability to reason we can figure out what is good and evil
2. Diving revelation (old testament and new testament) most important about the old testament is that the real revelation for moral iving are the 10 commandments, that formed a big part of the essence of moral actions
10 commandments about relationships and making them right #1-3 relationship with god
#4-10 relationship with others and yourself new testament:
1. Jesus’ commandment of love (love over law when faced with a choice)
2. beatitudes
3. Church Magisterium (cannon law) official teaching body if the roman catholic church
4. Civil law
Conscience: ability to make choices between rights and wrong but with every choice comes a consequence so there is a result for our actions
Sin: the results of action
-any offense against reason and right conscience that damages a relationship with self, others, and god