Definition Of The Crucible

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Essay Topic – define crucible and how its definition is related to the change in the characters in the story

A crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is used to melt or otherwise alter its contents. This is what happens to the characters through out the book. They under go very big changes in their lives, which require them to adapt or change how they are others, withstand the events and remain virtually the same. John Proctor is faced with the possibility of the death of his wife and himself he changes, Abigail remains fairly constant throughout the book, and Hale is faced with the consequences of his work and is changed by the outcome.
John in the beginning is just trying to get every thing that he wants. But because of his affair with Abigail and trying to cover it up he starts of as a liar. But throughout the course of the story, he tries to change. It’s hard for him and in the process of trying to reveal the truth is convicted and sentenced to death unless he confesses to being a wizard. John almost signs a contract saying he’s a wizard, but before he does he realizes that he can’t soil his name with lies again. John finally becomes a “good man” by him not signing that paper but dies because of it.
Abigail just wanted to be with John, but he realized what he was doing was wrong. Abigail was the condemner, in the beginning she pretended to become possessed and started spouting out names to save her self from being punished. And toward the end she attempts to condemn Elizabeth Proctor because she