The Dark Knight Rises Essay

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Friday, March 22nd 2013
The Power Of Money Bruce Wayne Would never have been able to successfully create his alter ego Batman without money, because without it, there is no power. Throughout the whole movie money plays a very important role for everyone Not just Bruce. Money was also very important to Miranda Tate whom we later found out was actually Thalia Ra's al Ghul's daughter. to her and Bane, her rescuer, guardian and friend money was just used as a mean to get what they ultimately wants which was revenge; but none the less money was still key in their operation. For example the first scene when they took down the plane to kidnap the doctor, no money no operative. simple. "Your money and infrastructure have been important. Until now." (Bane to Daggett) Once you have no more money to give, you are no longer of use and therefore disposed of, that's why in the following minutes of the movie bane proceeded to kill him as they had no more uses to him and he was now only a liability in their master plan to avenge Ra's al Ghul.
Victoria 2 Miranda Tate was always a bit unclear on whether or not money was truly important to her even though it was to her overall plan. "You understand only money and the power you think it buys." (Tate to Daggett) But at the same time she was being a hypocrite because after she had no use for Daggett she sent to assassinate him, there for his money did bring power to her. Without Daggett money her whole operation would have gone down and most likely never been possible. Bane needed as much money as he could get his hands on in order to fulfill her revenge. Little did Daggett know this would all eventually cost him "A small fortune" and most importantly his life. Bane and Tate weren't the only ones who used money to their advantage, Bruce Wayne heir of Wayne Enterprises was the sole heir and he took advantage of that to the fullest. After all, without his personal funds the creation of his gadgets would have been nearly impossible for a hero on an average salary. The bad part is, Bruce had to fight the evil his own power and money created in the first place, the core. The first struggle for money and power started when Wayne was a child and his parents were mugged in front of him outside the opera house, money also costing them their life. Then, Ra's al Ghul wanting Wayne to join the league of shadows so they could eventually take over Gotham. Next you see the power struggle of Bruce and Harvey Dent and Batman. And lastly, Tate and Bane come in to avenge Ra's al Ghul, while Selena is busy getting anything
Victoria 3 and everything she can while she still has time. Another struggle Bruce created for himself with the use of his power and money is the core, which was then used to terrorize him and all the citizens of Gotham city. Giving the city over to the people by Miranda's part