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Chris Bolden
Arabic Culture 2301
January 17, 2014

Culture and Culture Differences There is a great debate in social science about what it is that shapes us both as individuals and as members of society. With regard to individuals, this debate is about "nature versus nurture," meaning whether it is our inherited genetic predisposition or what we learn as we grow up that predominantly shapes us and our differences as individuals. Culture can mean a lot of different things when it comes to different countries around the world. However, what makes up a specific country or region is the uniqueness of it. The Arabic culture just so happens to have its own way of life that is not the norm of everyday culture in other countries. The way they dance to music, the foods they eat, languages they speak, and just simply their way of life. There are a lot of different things that branch off from those core ideas of their culture. The Arabic way of life deals with many different things. Tradition, norms, entertainment, religion, education, etc. There are a lot of different ways to classify different cultures in the world. The way the people go about their everyday lives and their morals and values also play a role in describing their culture. The Arabic people do things a little differently than the American culture. In some places, the women wear certain clothes, there are specific schools you can attend, there is a place called the house of wisdom where you go to these certain schools. Sometimes different cultures do interact and that can be for the better or the country or no reason at all. Either way it is all a plan to better their countries way of life and better their values. I feel like cultures can change. However, without losing its