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Breast Cancer
Denise Davis

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the leading disease that’s taking millions of women’s lives every year. Even though it’s more common in women however, 1 out of 100 men are diagnosed with this disease every day. Learning the symptoms, treatments and diagnosis to this disease will help save people lives. Symptoms

When an individual feels a lump and disfiguration in the beast causing a painful and numbing sensation that never goes always. The pain get so severe that is feel like a lighting blub has exploded inside your beast. The skin around the breast is “peeling, scaling and flaking”. The breast has depressed in size. If your beast nipple has some form of discharge or is in an inward position this maybe signs of breast cancer. Treatments
Women and men have many of options to treatment included surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy and taking hormones pills. Most common is radiation and chemotherapy this where an individual with breast cancer goes under a high radiation machine to reduce the size or kill the cancer. Chemotherapy is drugs that the doctor prescribes for the patient to take in order to reduce the rapid growth of cancer cells. Tamoxifen is a very common hormone pill that is given to a patient to fight against the Estrogen receptor cells that form in the body causing cancer. Using surgery to remove the cancer is when the doctor goes in and cut away the tumor that has formed into cancer.

Breast cancer diagnosis is when a patient feels discomforted or a lump in the breast .Then; go to a doctor in order to undergo a tissue biopsy. This is when the doctor takes tissues from the suspected area and sends it to the lab to be tested for cancer. Next, the doctor would determine if the mass in the breast is a cyst, which is common in middle age adults. The mass sometimes feel like “small, water-filled balloons but usually can be harder and rubbery”. They are not cancer they tend to go away on their own. Fibroadenomas in a belign tumor is meanly in young women between the ages of 30’s to 40’s.Mainly in there pre menopause stage. The tumor is very easily to detect because they move around in the