The Declaration Of Freedom In Class

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Sherry Qiao
Hanssi Li
Michael Niu
Rebecca Wang
October, 8,2014
English III
Period 1

The declaration of freedom in class When you meet some situations in school's classes that let you feel you cannot 100% pay attention and your thinking is limited, we need to get it over and fight for our freedom during the class.I believe everyone's school life is very importan to them; also, it influences our spirit and future. We should get more freedom in the class. I believe this world need creative people who are dare to challenge. I believe rules are made to be broken. I believe freedom in the class can make us more excellent. It's the time say no to inflexible, obsolete and stuffy classes! We hold these truths to be self­evident: everyone is equal, so do teachers and students. We are all human, why teachers can do a lot of things, but we cannot do what we want. Why we cannot stand in the classroom? Why we cannot sit anywhere or with any posture we wants? Why we cannot eat in class? Why we don't have the freedom in class? Teachers should make us participate and active because we are students and we go to school in order to let teachers help us study; but in fact, we still need to control ourselves to participate in class. When we have already understood what teachers said, why do we need to waste our time to listen again and again, we can take a rest to make sure we have enough energy to listen to the next topic. When we are hungry, we can't have a snack, but even if we do, we won't disturb the class. Teachers, we want freedom, please give us freedom. First of all, teachers have done lots of things wrong in the past. For example, they have gave us some wrong ideas about something and sometimes they don't listen to our opinions; they also give us lots of classwork and projects which are really useless, some of my teachers are really boring, so the class would be much more boring. When we turn in our projects a little bit late, the teacher and for will shut at us and we even cannot explained for it, sometimes we did, but they never listened. The worst thing is sometimes they did something totally wrong and they thought it's right and when we

tried to correct it they didn't listen to us and adscontinue to make it wrong. Do we have to listen the wrong things? No, we have to know the truth!