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Solutions for the contemporary capitalism’s ills

Capitalism is a political system stand on making the economy power in the hand of few individuals or companies. It is basically discrete the societies into rich and poor people. Even though this system has legitimacy guidelines and usually it does not work in contradiction of the law, but Capitalism has a catastrophic marks on the society. Thus this essay will attempt to clarify solutions for the capitalism ills.
First, what the harms are those capitalism political systems come with? Even though, some philosophers and scholars might not have problem with capitalism. For example John Locke, who was an English philosopher, believes that every individual have the right to posses as much as he can. He stated that “ Men therefore in society having property, they have such a right to the goods, which by the law of the community are their’s, that no body hath a right to take their substance or any part of it from them, without their own consent”(266). Locke’s argument that property is a natural right for human beings and should be protect by the government. This argument is non controversial. However, if we take a general look to a society where capitalism is dominant, it is more likely to see the devastating effects. In society where the biggest goal for everyone is wealth, other concepts like health, education, and human development will be ignored. In addition, most companies in the capitalist economy attempt to achieve the greatest possible profit without any attention for the public interest. Many industries may contaminate the air, water, or soil rather than the use of costly pollution control. This problem affects the environment in many countries. For example China, which is seeing as a capitalist state at least economically. Other problems that capitalism delivers to the society are lack in the individual’s freedom and inequality. In a capital system some people have to work more than their capability in order to survive. Karl Marx, a German political who developed the theory of communism, believed that working for long hours is against the concept of freedom. He said that “the true realm of freedom which, however, can blossom forth only with the realm of necessity as its basis. The shortening of the working day is its basic prerequisite” (466). In addition, it is common knowledge that capitalism brings inequality to the society. Some people in the capitalist countries buy many luxuries while others cannot provide food, adequate housing and other essentials. Even though capitalism gives economic self-determination to every one, but racial discrimination, nationality, education, or inheritance differences also contribute to the unequal distribution of wealth. It is obvious that capital system might be a serious problem. The solution for this problem is to make everyone to share and no one have any thing in particle. Also wealth should be disturbed by need. Yet, this cannot work because it is the natural of the man to satisfy the self. Therefore, the system must change. The best political system to replace capitalism could be the one that Aristotle suggested as the best political regime for the majority of the people. It depends on the middle class to be large enough in the society to make the system stable and make the people enjoying freedom. The reason is that middle class people do not attempt to rebel against the government because the do not suffering like poor people. Also the system Aristotle recommended, which more like democracies more people might share in the government and it is more secure. Aristotle stated “ It follows that a state which is based on the middle class is bound to be the best constituted in respect of the elements of which, on our view, a state is naturally composed. The middle classes enjoy a greater security themselves than any other class” (120). It is obvious that a political system with larger