The Deserted Village Essay

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The Deserted Village by Oliver Goldsmith
Oliver Goldsmith is an Irish writer (he is from Ireland) ,we call him a writer because he is not a poet only, he was a dramatist and novelist also. He was a vicar (priest) .the Deserted Village is his masterpiece, it is very famous poem.
_The similarity between the deserted village and elegy
1-both poems are classical in forms (according to the language, the organization of the lines and the rhyme scheme) and romantic in spirit. It speaks about something romantic in classical way.
2-the deserted village almost has the same romantic elements which we have come across in the elegy, there is the same interest in the village in the beauty of nature, the same sense of loneliness, the same sense
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It means energy or the activity .He should keep his life going in the village. If he keeps living away from the village he would die very early. The light of his life would be put out because the life in the village is mechanical there is no activity no movement, so if he goes on living in mechanical life in the village he would die very early, he would waste his time, so to keep life going on he had to back to the village there he would be more active more happier and more healthier, so he would keep the flame and the maintain of his life and the energy of his life because in the city he would waste these things(health ,happiness and power). The best way to keep the flame of his life from wasting is to get back to his birth place (village).

17th and 18th line
_attend→ feel
_pride→ part and parcel of human life
_swains→ villagers
Exp: The poet now is away from the village , but he has a dream (wish). Human beings feel proud of themselves sometimes, this is human quality, so he says that as long as he is a human being he wants to show his pride in his knowledge . When the poet left the village and joint the world of the city he could get some knowledge some experience, now he is well educated so sometimes has a desire to show that knowledge to his friends(villagers) so he hopes he would get back to the village one day and meet the old friends and show his pride in his knowledge and wisdom and he has the right