The Difference between the Neolithic Era and the Paleolithic Era Essay

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The Neolithic era would’ve been a more preferable era to live in because it gave more of a variety than the Paleolithic era. The variety it gave was in lifestyle, tools, economy, and health. Even though the apes that lived in that era didn’t live long, it seemed more beneficial. Their food sources and the way they were able to eat included less labor than it did during the Paleolithic era.

The Neolithic era provided more such as agriculture, pottery, social inequality , and so much more. Let’s start on the agriculture. The agriculture during that era was way more beneficial than it was during the Paleolithic era. During the Paleolithic era the men would hunt and the women would gather. Doesn’t seem that bad does it? But the part that people would see difficult is the animals that they’re hunting isn’t going to stay in one area all year long. That means when their food moves they would have to travel with there food too. Now that just seems like a lot work, time, and traveling involved. But in the Neolithic era farming came about and they didn’t have to worry about traveling, where they planted their food would it would stay there, they didn’t have to travel at all when it came to farming. Since then, they had spare time on there hands and that’s where pottery came along.

Pottery during the Neolithic era originally started in China in the early period of that era about 10,000 years ago. Diverse potteries were made to meet people’s daily needs. For example, carrying water from place to place, having something to store their food in, and cooking. Many years has passed and the pottery making technique developed very quickly. They tend to use a very suitable type of clay to hold everything they put in it. The pots during the Neolithic era are similar to the ones in ancient Greece. This leads to the Venus Figurines, the statue that started population growth and