The Dumbest Generation Analysis

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It has been argued that those under the age of thirty are known to be the ‘dumbest generation’. Many people have a different definition for the word ‘dumb’, based off of the definitions one would chose to agree or disagree. When people hear the word dumb, they automatically assume someone who doesn’t know how to do anything or someone who knows nothing. Some people would say dumb means someone who holds the least knowledge, while others say dumb means people who know nothing. If we are referring to dumb as those who hold the least amount of knowledge, then yes, this is the dumbest generation.

To begin, now that everyone has technology at their fingertips, they don’t feel the need to memorize anything. People no longer have patience to read a whole article or book to learn about something, they just simply skim through things. Nicholas Carr talks about how he used to be able to immerse himself in a book or article and now his concentration starts to drift and begins to look for something else to do (Source 4). This would explain why this (dumbest) generation hold the least amount of knowledge,
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People are becoming smarter and smarter as years go by in terms of logic. Though people are getting dumber in holding knowledge in, logic and critical thinking have increased. Sharon Begley mentions how IQ scores have been rising in every country that measures them since the 1930’s(Source 2). Because an IQ test does not test for knowledge, it test for “fluid intelligence”, it still can prove the claim that this is the dumbest generation when referring to holding the least amount of knowledge. Holding in knowledge means to actually learn academically and logical thinking is using reason to connect one thing to another. Both knowledge and logical thinking are considered smart but if you have one more than the other, you may be placed in the dumbest generation