The Effectiveness of Food Advertising Essay

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Body Paragraph - Module 2.08

The Effectiveness of Advertising - Food

Fast food commercials are almost a given while watching television. You will always see some type of advertisment whether it would be on a billboard or in the newspaper. Fast food has grown significantly since advertising. Ads help the business by helping get the word out about them, comparing them to other fast food places, why they are better, and giving you an actual image of their food. While this advertisment may be effective for the easily brainwashed teenager, is it actually okay? Fast food with its popularity has brought significant obesity within the nation. Their false advertisment on their foods look is no plus. So while fast food advertisments may be effective, they are effective in all of the wrong ways. Fast food has always been known for the way their meal looks on television and when put directly in your hands. The look of the food is completely different from what the ad had shown you. False advertisment is not so effective when it comes to selling anything. One of the main reasons why fast food ads are so effective is because their use of timing. They say you can order your food and recive it within a matter of a minute or less. Why would people want to make their own food which may take a little time when they can have cheap food faster? Teens have become so used to the fact that their is a fast food place opened just around the corner, so they never cook for themselves. So in