The Effects Of Bullying

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Whether it is due to issues at home or just liking to have power over others. All bullies

have a reason that they became what they are, even if they won’t admit it or don’t realize it . It could even be due to the bully not knowing how else to get their bottled up feelings out, or because they think what they are doing is funny or cool even though it is truly wrong. Most of my research points to the fact that bullies do what they do to get a reaction out of the victim.
That way they know how to get under your skin and bug you. This tends to lead to suicide,
Psychological Post­Trauma disorder, sleeping disorders, or even substance or alcohol abuse.
Sometimes no one recognizes these things as signs of bullying because the bullied person doesn’t tell anyone due to the fear of what the bully would due to them. So the bullied person keeps it all bottled up inside until it is too late. This sometimes is the bullies goal, to keep you emotionally unstable until it is too late and you do something you will regret like trying to commit suicide!
While not all bullies are the same that maybe they are bullies for the same or similar reasons.

Bullying can be caused by various things. This can be caused because some kid(s) decides that it is funny or cool to call someone names. Or that likes to have power over others and likes to make others miserable. This can also because by someone not knowing how else to get their feelings out so they take it out on others. If this is you then take them out on your pillow or a punching bag but not on others. Also talk to a counselor, a trusted adult, or even a friend to get tips on how to deal with your anger and feelings. Some bullies do it for attention or to get noticed, and if thats the case then why not join a sports team, or a club, or enter a contest/tournament
They could be having issues at home, but as i said if you are having personal issues then talk to a counselor, or a teacher, or a trusted adult. Yet despite all the ways, that don’t

include hurting people, they could use to help themselves they still choose to torment others for “fun”. While it true that they are also victims it does not mean that what they are doing is right. Some say they do it to get a reaction out of you, or because it is
“funny”, but truly it isn’t and it hurts people more than they could possibly imagine. Even through all the warnings, assemblies, and speeches bullying still occurs today and is evolving. The more technologically advanced we become and the more social media networks we have the more bullying occurs. Now thanks to Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, etc. bullying can occur not only the 8 hours we are at school, now it can occur 24/7. So just when you think that after school that you will be free from their torment, they find you on social media and cause you to constantly have to create new profiles to get away from them.
Bullying can be caused by various things and can affect more people a day than there are kids in this school! Everyday about 160,000 teens skip school and stay home because of the fear of bullying. Thats 160,000 more people that don’t graduate, get a job, or get to live their life!(
National Education Association) Bullying can also cause poor appetite and sleeping disorders. As well as suicidal thoughts/attempts, low­self worth, physical health, depression, and psychosocial health(such as anger, fear, and anxiety). But these are mostly just short term, bullying can also cause long term effects like
Psychological Post­Trauma disorders and alcohol and substance abuse. Bullies love knowing that you are having issues such as these and will stop at nothing to torture and hurt you. Even to the point of suicide and about 4,400 teens a year commit suicide

due to bullying. This helps prove that while all bullies may be different, they may do what they do for the same/similar reason!

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